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What is the role of digital technology and innovation in food system transformation?

Discover the perspectives and challenges of the food industry.

OECD: Strategy through design

Discover how one of the leading intergovernmental organisations redefined its user experience.

How to value your talent capital.

Discover why Talent is a critical asset, how to monitor it, assess it and optimize its valuation.

For an all-round heartfelt engagement, from employee to investor.

See our Cultures expertise.

Cutting-edge digital products that make sense.

See our Tech expertise.

MyCANAL, a revolutionary app from the CANAL+ Group.

See how Canal+ has enchanted its mobile VOD experience with Fabernovel.

An innovation strategy for a leader in the food industry.

Read how Brakes Group increased its efficiency and client experience with Fabernovel.

Impact a driver of value creation.

Define, integrate and manage your impact with the right indicators.

Make your company anti-fragile.

Read our study on corporate strategy for the post-covid era.

How Deezer boosted the visibility of 4 new offers.

Learn all about its ambitious acquisition campaign here.

Sharpen your vision and services.

See our Corporate Strategy expertise.

Soft Bank, disruptor or hothead?

Read our study on Softbank's strategy.

Vvorker, our design publishing house.

Explore the philosophy and objects behind the project.

France's first connected housing initiative.

Discover the full scope of the project.

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Download our study on new KPIs.

Explore innovative ecosystems alliances or working spaces.

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Deezer shines with a creative, data-driven, and multi-targeted acquisition campaign.
How the myCANAL app transformed the CANAL+ Group.
Strategy through design: one of the leading intergovernmental organisations re-imagines its user experience.
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